2020 Worm gear box with keyway l 2 drive journals 1:1 l Centre distance 20mm l Zinc housing

Wartungsfreies Schneckenradgetriebe, 20mm Achsabstand, 9 Übersetzungen, gekapseltes Gehäuse, linkssteigend.


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Product number: 2020.00-DZPR01
Product information "2020 Worm gear box with keyway l 2 drive journals 1:1 l Centre distance 20mm l Zinc housing"

 reduction ratios from 1:1  l Material-saving zinc housing l With keyway 12mm/4mm l Centre distance 20mm 

Features Worm gearbox with keyway and one drive journal 1:1

Universally applicable and maintenance-free worm gearbox unit in one size with a centre distance of 20 mm. The worm gear units with two drive journals are available in 9 different ratios. The housing is encapsulated against grease leakage and dust exposure. The worm gearbox set is left-handed. The direction of rotation on the shaft is arbitrary. 

Lifetime of 1000 hours with:
  • full load and 
  • input speed of 500 rpm and 
  • duty cycle 20% with 5 min and
  • ambient temperature 20 C°

On/Off duration: 20 % at 5Min ( 1 min ON, 4 min OFF)
Permitted operating temperature: -20 to 60 C°
Axial distance: 20 mm
Input and Output:
Drive: 12mm / 4mm key
Permitted forces output side (axial and radial): 500 N
Backlash on the drive shaft: 1° +/- 0,5°
Type: case hardened worm and cog wheel
maintenance-free grease lubrication
Housing: Zinc
External dimension: 60 x 60 x 35 mm

Technical specifications worm gearbox 

Item number ratio i Self-locking 
Output- speed range n in rpm Max. output torque M in Nm Peak torque output* Max. drive torque M in Nm Input side Degree of efficiency in %
Radial force 
 FR in N
Axial force 
2) FA in N
2020.00-DZPR01 1 : 1 no 100/500/1000 1,5/1,0/0,65 15 Nm 2,1/1,4/0,9 250 250 73
* Short-term peak load <1s Axial load on the output side 500 Nm Application worm gear 65: 1 - 1: 1 Worm wheels transmit the motive force at right angles via a sliding effect. The gearboxes are characterized by their low-noise operation and robustness. The worm gears can be used for high power transmissions in tight spaces. 

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