Motor drive 3130

DC geared motor with quiet worm gear, for tables & more - incl. AMP cable and Hall sensors.
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Nominal torque
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Product number: 3130.00-1002
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Product information "Motor drive 3130"

Compact 24 V DC motor with worm gear and a continuous internal hexagon. Optimized sound characteristics due to elastic coupling and vibration damping fastening elements. Although the drive was developed for ergonomic table applications, it can be used in many other fields. The drive is designed and tested for axial pressure load. A cable with AMP plug and an integrated Hall-sensor allows easy and secure control of the entire system. 

The included cable can be ordered here as a spare part. You can also order the matching spindle unit with motor adapter in our store.

Special features

  • Vibration and sound-damped design through mechanical decoupling of the spindle system     
  • Two integrated Hall sensors for measurement of the revolutions and direction of rotation
  • Through going hexagon socket in wrench widths 6 mm and 7 mm  
  • Good self-locking properties
  • 100 mm + 1750 mm motor cable with connector included
  • Can be combined with most Ketterer spindle systems

Variant key

The variants are formed by the different wrench widths and by fastening variants with and without fastening plate (Variant A or Variant B).

Technical notes

  • The drive working range (nominal torque) is determined for a service life of 10,000 double strokes.
  • Through the controller* the system is regulated such that the speed in the entire drive working range is kept as constant as possible.
  • By using a controller with a short-circuit brake the holding torque position of the drive can be increased.

* In combination with LogicData control box Compact-3


Model 3130.00-1002 Variant B  3130.00-1003 Variant B  3130.00-2002 Variant A  3130.00-2003 Variant A 
Sensor/Power supply Hall/5 V DC/0,3 A Hall/5 V DC/0,3 A Hall/5 V DC/0,3 A Hall/5 V DC/0,3 A
Protection class IP30 IP30 IP30 IP30
Idle running speed 120 rpm (24 V) 120 rpm (24 V) 120 rpm (24 V) 120 rpm (24 V)
Duty cycle with idle running 20% (at 5 Min.) 20% (at 5 Min.) 20% (at 5 Min.) 20% (at 5 Min.)
Rated torque* 3,5 Nm 3,5 Nm 3,5 Nm 3,5 Nm
Duty cycle with 3,5 Nm* 20 sec ON 240 sec OFF 20 sec ON 240 sec OFF 20 sec ON 240 sec OFF 20 sec ON 240 sec OFF
Short-term peak torque (<1sec) 6 Nm 6 Nm 6 Nm 6 Nm
Input hex 6mm hex 6mm hex 6mm hex 7mm

* Determined at full load for service life of 10,000 double strokes

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