Properties Claw coupling | Aluminum

Torque-flexible aluminum claw couplings, perfect for worm and bevel gear drives, available in various sizes.


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Product information "Properties Claw coupling | Aluminum"

7 versions to choose from l torsionally flexible l aluminium l bore 1 from 8 - 10 mm Ø 4P9 l bore 2 from 8 - 12 mm Ø 4P9 or for individual machining and splined shaft profile

Features claw coupling l Aluminum l

Torsionally flexible claw couplings can be used as connecting elements. The coupling is used to connect two shafts together and is available in different dimensions in the store. Our claw couplings are made of aluminum. The ideal complement to our 2010 worm gear units and 200 bevel gear units.

Features claw coupling l Aluminum l

Hardness damping element:

75 Shore A

Temperature range:

-20 / +60 C°

Weight approx:

28 g

Material claw:


Material damping element


Technical data claw coupling aluminum

Item number








Hole 1

Ø 12mm 4P9

Ø 12mm 4P9

Ø 12mm 4P9

Ø 10mm 4P9

Ø 8mm 4P9

Ø 10mm 4P9

Ø 12mm 4P9

Hole 2

Ø 12mm 4P9

for indiv. editing

Ø 8mm Clamp connection

Ø 10mm 4P9

Ø 8mm 4P9

Ø 6 mm Clamp connection

for splined shaft profile DIN 5463 6x12x20


Application claw coupling l aluminum

Torsionally flexible couplings also known as flexible couplings have a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering. The claw couplings are needed to dampen speed and torque shocks. They are also used to compensate for misalignment of the drive shafts.

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