TR 10 flange nuts with trapezoidal thread brass

TR 10 Flanschmutter, 4-Loch Befestigung, hochwertiges Sondermessing, standardisiert nach DIN.


Attachment of flange
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Product information "TR 10 flange nuts with trapezoidal thread brass"

TR 10x6 P3 l double thread l right-hand thread l outer diameter 32mm l length 14mm l brass l DIN 103

Properties flange nut with trapezoidal thread TR 10 brass

Our flange nut with trapezoidal thread (TR) is standardized according to the standard and has a nominal thread size of 10mm. In addition, the flange nut is characterized by an enlarged contact surface. This guarantees a secure hold, even on soft materials made of metal and plastic. For fastening the nut, the variant with 4 holes is offered. The offered spindle nut is characterized by its multi-start right-hand thread:

- TR 10x6 P3 (thread pitch 6mm P3 l double thread - right-hand thread).

The flanged trapezoidal lead screw nuts undergo a machining production process. This removes excess material in the form of chips. By means of this process, high dimensional accuracy and surface quality can be guaranteed. The special brass used (CuZn40Al2), on the other hand, provides the flanged nut with high corrosion resistance.

Thread           TR 10x6 P3
Right-hand thread
DIN 103    
Dimensions Flange d1: 14mm
Flange d2: 32mm
Flange d3: 23mm     
Length a: 14mm
High b: 5mm
Chamfer f1: 0,25x45°
Chamfer f2: 0,25x45°
Chamfer f3: 0,5x45°
Radis r1: 0,4
d4 (6x): 4,3
Tolerance field: 7H
Mounting 4-hole  
Material Brass (CuZn40Al2)  
Matching spindle   Trapezoidal thread spindle in steeland stainless steel

Application Flanged nut with trapezoidal thread TR 10 Brass

The spindle nut is used for adapter plates, indexing plungers, exhaust suspensions as well as in combination with our trapezoidal threaded spindles. These are matched to the trapezoidal thread nuts in terms of their thread dimensions. As a result, they form a unit when used as a drive solution.

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