TR 14 Trapezoidal threaded spindle stainless steel

Edelstahl-Sondergewindespindeln SG 14 mit hoher Belastbarkeit und Langlebigkeit, ideal für Anwendungen mit starken axialen Kräften.


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Product information "TR 14 Trapezoidal threaded spindle stainless steel"

TR 14 l 2 versions to choose from l right-hand thread l multi-start l stainless steel ( 1.4104 ) rolled l length 1000mm l DIN 103 l uninterrupted fibre course

Characteristics trapezoidal threaded spindle SG 14 - stainless steel

Our SG 14 trapezoidal threaded spindles in stainless steel have a special thread which has been adapted to the DIN 380 standard. The thread spindles with a diameter of 14mm vary in their thread pitch:

- SG 14x16 P4 (thread pitch 16mm P4 l four-start - right-hand thread).

- SG 14x30 P5 (thread pitch 30mm P5 l six-start - right-hand thread)

Both versions are available with a length of 1 meter and are characterized by a multi-start right-hand thread, which withstands applications under high loads. The trapezoidal leadscrews are capable of transmitting large axial forces. They are manufactured by the rolled process. Within this, the spindle is given an uninterrupted grain. The homogeneous material structure can thus justify a high strength. In addition, properties such as a high surface quality, backlash-free adjustment and readjustment, low friction and the longevity of the trapezoidal thread spindle can be attributed. In order to use the spindle as an optimal drive solution, we offer you a selection of suitable trapezoidal leadscrew nuts in our store.

13034.14-V02L1000 13112.14-V02L1000
Thread          SG 14x16 P4
Right-hand thread
SG 14x30 P5
Right-hand thread
Material Stainless steel    Stainless steel  
Length 1000mm 1000mm
Matching nut Round nut in POM / brass
Flange nut in POM / brass 

Round nut in PA6-GF30

Flange nut in POM

Application Trapezoidal screw SG 14 - Stainless steel

Trapezoidal lead screws are used to drive and transmit axial forces. The application is primarily concerned with the conversion of rotating into linear movements. In addition to mechanical engineering, fastening and clamping applications benefit from the advantages of the spindle. Further fields of application can be found as drive and positioning unit or as part of traverse paths and positioning.
You will find further versions of our trapezoidal lead screws in our range of products and services. Furthermore, we recommend to have a look at our range of trapezoidal leadscrew nuts.

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