TR 16 Trapezoidal threaded spindle steel

Robuste Trapezgewindespindeln (16mm) für hohe Lasten, mit vielfältigen Gewindeoptionen und langer Lebensdauer. Ideal für starke Axialkräfte.


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Product number: 13105.14-V00L1000
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Product information "TR 16 Trapezoidal threaded spindle steel"

TR16 l 3 variants to choose from l Right and left hand thread l Single or multiple threads l Rolled steel l Length 1000mm l DIN 103

Properties trapezoidal thread spindles TR 16 - steel

The trapezoidal screws with a diameter of 16mm are available in different thread versions in our store:

TR16x2 (thread pitch 2mm l single thread - left hand thread)

TR16x4 (thread pitch 4mm l single thread - right hand thread)

TR16x8 P4 (thread pitch 8mm P4 l double thread - right hand thread)

All versions are available in the length of 1 meter and are designed for use under high loads. The transmission of large axial forces is also possible thanks to the trapezoidal profile of the spindles. The ends are sawn and not deburred. During the manufacturing process, the threaded rods are rolled. This guarantees an uninterrupted grain and thus higher strength. Furthermore, a high surface quality, a long service life, backlash-free adjustment and readjustment as well as low friction are central characteristics of our trapezoidal thread spindles. By means of the matching trapezoidal thread nuts (round, with flange) in different materials, the spindle functions as an optimal drive solution in different areas.

13105.14-V00L1000 13001.14-V00L1000  13008.14-V00L1000
Thread TR 16x2
Left-hand thread
TR 16x4
Right-hand thread
TR 16x8 P4
Right-hand thread
Length 1000mm  1000mm  1000mm 
Material steel (11SMnPb30+C+TE)    steel (11SMnPb30+C+TE)     steel (C15K)
mutching nut   Round nut in POM / brass  
Round nut in POM / brass
Flange nut in POM / brass
Round nut in POM / brass
Flange nut in POM / brass

Application Trapezoidal screws TR 16 - steel

Trapezoidal screws transmit large axial forces and are used in fastening and clamping applications. The threaded spindles are able to convert rotating movements into linear ones. In addition to applications in mechanical engineering, drives and actuators or even travel and positioning are areas for the use of the threaded rods. 

In addition to the present trapezoidal threaded spindles TR 16 in steel, other spindle sizes with matching threaded nuts are available in our store.

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