TR 16 flange nuts with trapezoidal thread POM

Flange nuts TR 16 with secure 6-hole fastening. POM material for heat resistance and precision. DIN 103 compliant.


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Attachment of flange
Product number: 13001.20-02
Weight: 0.02 kg
Product information "TR 16 flange nuts with trapezoidal thread POM"

Properties flange nut with trapezoidal thread TR 16 POM

The flange nuts have an enlarged bearing surface due to the washer attached to the underside. By means of this surface, the nut has advantageous properties for demanding use. To prevent the nut from slipping, it has 6 holes on the flange for secure fastening.

The TR 16 flange nuts have a trapezoidal thread according to DIN 103 and thus meet the requirements of the standard. The nuts are available in both single-start and multi-start versions:

- TR 16x4 (thread pitch 4mm l single thread - right hand thread).

- TR 16x8 P4 (thread pitch 8mm P4 l double thread - right hand thread)

The POM material used in manufacturing gives our trapezoidal flanged nuts the property of high heat deflection temperature and dimensional stability. During the machining production process, excess material is removed in the form of chips. This allows properties to be met, such as high dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

Application Flange nut with trapezoidal thread TR 16 POM

The flange nut can be fastened to soft materials made of metal and plastic by means of its enlarged contact surface without damaging them and losing its hold after a short time. Due to its firm hold, the flange nut is used, for example, on adapter plates, indexing bolts or exhaust suspensions. It also acts as a complement to our acme threaded spindles. In combination, the unit forms a drive solution for converting rotary movements into linear ones.

If you are looking for further possibilities in the field of nuts, we offer you a selection of further variations:

  • More flange nuts with trapezoidal thread in brass
  • Round nuts with trapezoidal thread in POM, brass and PA6-GF30
  • Square nuts in POM

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