TR 10 Trapezoidal threaded spindle steel

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  • 13030.14-V00L1000-TGB421
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TR10 l 5 Varianten zur Auswahl l Rechts- und Linksgewinde l  ein- oder mehrgängig... more
Product information "TR 10 Trapezoidal threaded spindle steel"

TR10 l 5 Varianten zur Auswahl l Rechts- und Linksgewinde l ein- oder mehrgängig l Stahl  gerollt l Länge 1000mm l DIN 103

Characteristics Trapezoidal screws TR 10 and SG 10 - steel

Trapezoidal threaded spindles with a diameter of 10mm available in different thread variants. The range includes trapezoidal threaded spindles (TR) and spindles with special threads (SG). These in turn vary from each other by different thread pitches, gears, and right-hand and left-hand versions:

TR 10x2 (thread pitch 2mm l single thread - right-hand thread).

TR 10x3 (thread pitch 3mm l single thread - left-hand and right-hand thread)

TR 10x6 P3 (thread pitch 6mm P3 l double thread - right hand thread)

SG 10x10 P2 (thread pitch 10mm P2 l five-start - right-hand thread)

The trapezoidal thread spindles (TR) are standardized according to DIN 103. The special threads (SG) are adapted to this standard. Both spindle versions are available in different threads. The length is 1 meter for all versions. The spindles are characterized by their high strength and uninterrupted grain and are the result of the rolled manufacturing process. The backlash-free adjustment and readjustment, the long service life, the high surface quality as well as the low friction are further characteristics of our threaded spindles. 

You are welcome to complete your drive solution with the appropriate nuts. The nuts are available in different shapes and materials in our store.

13014.14-V01L1000 13010.14-V00L1000 13011.14-V00L1000 13012.14-V00L1000 13030.14-V00L1000
Gewinde           TR 10x2
TR 10x3
TR 10x3
TR 10x6 P3
SG 10x10 P2
Länge 1000mm  1000mm  1000mm  1000mm  1000mm 
Material Stahl (C15K) Stahl (11SMnPb30+C+TE) Stahl (11SMnPb30+C+TE) Stahl (11SMnPb30+C+TE) Stahl (C15K)    
Passende Mutter     Rundmutter in POM / Messing  Rundmutter in POM / Messing
Vierkantmutter in POM
Rundmutter in POM / Messing
Vierkantmutter in POM
Rundmutter in POM / Messing
Flanschmutter in POM / Messing 
Rundmutter in POM
Flanschmutter in POM

Application Trapezoidal screws TR 10 and SG 10 - Steel

The threaded spindles transmit large axial forces and convert rotary movements into linear ones. They are used in mechanical engineering and serve as drives and positioning units. Furthermore, they can be used as components for travel and positioning.

No suitable spindle? Then it is worth taking a look at our spindle range. There you will find further spindles in different materials and diameters. In addition, the suitable nut can be selected.
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