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Spindelrohr SG 25 Stahl
Spindle tube steel
Features Stem Tube SG 25x7 P3,5 Steel Our spindle tubes SG 25x7 P3,5 have a diameter of 25mm. The thread of the hollow steel spindle (ST 35) is right-handed and is designated as a special thread (SG). This has a trapezoidal profile and...
From €28.08 *
Spindelrohr SG 25x4
TR 25 Trapezoidal threaded tube aluminium
Properties spindle tube SG 25 aluminum Our aluminum spindle tubes with a diameter of 25mm are cut to 1 meter for you. All thread variants of this hollow spindle are right-hand thread and provided as special thread (SG). Our special...
From €22.38 *
Spindelrohr SG 20x10 P2
TR 20 Trapezoidal threaded tube aluminium
Properties spindle tubes SG 20x10 P2 aluminum Besides our spindle tubes in steel, versions in aluminum are part of our offer. The hollow spindle tubes SG 20x10 have a diameter of 20mm and a thread pitch of 10mm. The spindle version has a...
From €23.43 *