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Elektromotorischer Spindelantrieb (in Kürze verfügbar) ohne Kurbel Notbetätigung
Elektromotorischer Spindelantrieb (in Kürze...
Elektromotorischer Schirmantrieb - Set Elektrifiziertes Antriebssystem bestehend aus Motor, Steuerung, Spindel und Spindelmutter. Der Antrieb ist für hohe Zug- und Druckkräfte ausgelegt. Die selbsthemmende Systemauslegung sorgt für eine...
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Klauenkupplung Ø 12mm 4P9 / Ø 12mm 4P9
Properties Claw coupling l Aluminum l
Eigenschaften Klauenkupplung l Aluminium l Drehelastische Klauenkupplungen können als Verbindungselemente eingesetzt werden. Die Kupplung dient zur Verbindung zweier Wellen miteinander und steht in unterschiedlichen Abmessungen im Shop...
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Schneckengetriebe 0,2 Nm - 1,5 Nm 13:1 bis 65:1 65:1 / 0,2 Nm
Worm gear Continuous shaft 0,2 Nm - 1,5 Nm...
Universally applicable and maintenance-free worm gearbox with an axial distance of 20 mm and seven different transmission ratios. The housing is encapsulated to prevent the escape of grease and the ingress of dust. The worm wheel...
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Kegelradgetriebe mit Spindeleinheit 300 / 200 / TR 14x3 rechts
Bevel gear with spindle unit
Universally applicable lifting unit with bevel gear head for linear drive solutions. Possible applications are height adjustable tables, various adjustment functions for furniture items as well as all manner of linear adjustment in...
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DC Motor mit Getriebe 24V
DC-Motor drive 24V 2,5Nm
Powerful 24 V DC motor with 2-stage worm gear with a continuous internal hexagon on the output. The motor cable with AMP plug and the integrated Hall-sensors allow secure connection and exact positioning of the entire system. The...
From €105.59 *
BLDC Motor 24V digital Ø 44mm
BLDC engine 24V digital Ø44mm
14-pol BLDC engine with high-performance neodymium magnets is designed for high torque and is characterized by a high overload resistance. Consequently, the motor is suitable as a direct drive for gearless applications. The engine is...
From €224.53 *
Profilrohr l Außen 6kt SW9 l Innen 6kt SW6 l Länge 1000mm
Hexagonal profile tube with internal hexagon
Hexagonal steel pipe with a wrench opening external of 9 mm or 12 mm and internal of 6 mm or 9 mm. Version: external hexagon / internal hexagon Material: Steel ST 37 / according to DIN 2391/C Surface: blank
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Handkurbel 6kt SW7 l Achsenlänge 80mm l Ausladung 110mm l Einstecktiefe 12mm
Crank handles hex 7mm
Different crank handles with hexagonal shank 7mm. Characterized by a modern Design allows a quick and exact setting. The crank-handle grip and the crank extension are made of glass-fibre reinforced synthetic material.
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Stahl Kreuzgelenk l Ø 16mm l beidseitige 6kt SW7 l 1 Stück
Universal joint steel Ø 16 mm, zinc-plated, hex...
Universal joint for the connection of two aligned shafts. The joints are used in mechanical engineering, in model making and in hobby area. Version: hex 7mm on both sides Material: Steel, surface zinc-plated max. torque in Nm: 3 Nm max....
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Schneckengetriebe 2:1
Worm gear 1-3 Nm, 2:1 to 23:1
Compact, universally applicable and maintenance-free worm gearbox with an axial distance of 14 mm and various reduction ratios. The drive is located on the narrow side of the gearbox. The worm wheel assembly is right-handed. The...
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Kegelradgetriebe innen 6kt SW6 / 2
Bevel gear 10 Nm 1:1
The bevel gearboxes for the deflection of a rotary movement. Ideal for the application as a transfer gearbox or ancillary gearbox for electric motors, e.g. for blinds or actuators in special mechanical engineering. Special bevel gear...
From €40.06 *
Flanschmutter mit Trapezgewinde TR 16 Messing
TR 16 flange nuts with trapezoidal thread brass
The flange nuts with trapezoidal thread made of CuZn40Al2 special brass are manufactured at our facilities. Trapezoidal threads are motion-transmitting threads. According to the operating noise and the smooth running the spindle nut was...
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