Bevel gear with spindle unit 3035 | 3036

Universal bevel gearboxes: standard/special spindles, Ø 20 round or 4kt support tube, various stroke variants.


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Spindle type
Support tube
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Product information "Bevel gear with spindle unit 3035 | 3036"

Lifting force 1200 N l Spindle type SG12x16P4 right or TR14x3 right / left l 4 versions to choose from l Transmission 1:1 or 1.5:1

Bevel gearbox with spindle unit 3035 / 3036

Our universally applicable bevel gearboxes with spindle unit 3035 /3036 are offered with trapezoidal thread spindles according to standard (TR) as well as in special design (SG). You can also choose between a round (Ø 20) and a square support tube (□ 22) as well as different stroke variants.

Special features Bevel gearbox with spindle unit

  • Maintenance-free
  • Slim size 35 mm x 35 mm
  • Drive torque at gear head, depending on spindle pitch: Max. 4 Nm
  • Housing made of zinc and glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • Hardened steel bevel gears with robust, reinforced teeth
  • Support tube round Ø 20 mm or square 22 mm

Technical note Bevel gearboxes with spindle unit

  • The lifting units must be protected against the effects of lateral forces by a separate guide system.
  • Attention: The spindle systems with the spindle pitch > 3mm may no longer be self-locking.
  • Self-locking must be checked in the application.
  • The lifting unit can only be loaded under pressure
  • Incorrect dimensioning of the guide system can lead to damage to the lifting unit: Please observe the design and safety instructions for screw drives.These can be found at: https://





Translation 1,5:1 1,5:1 1:1 1:1
Drive 6ktSW6 6ktSW6 6ktSW6 6ktSW6
Spindle type TR14x3 clockwise TR14x3 counterclockwise TR14x3  clockwise TR14x3 clockwise
Travel 2 mm/U 2 mm/U 3 mm/U 16 mm/U
Traversing speed* 4 mm/s 4 mm/s 6 mm/s 32 mm/s
Support tube 4kt 22 mm 4kt 22 mm 4kt 22 mm rund Ø 20 mm
Max. Stroke Installation dimension - 100 mm Installation dimension - 100 mm Installation dimension - 100 mm Installation dimension - 80 mm
Max. Lifting force 1200 N 1200 N 700 N 700 N
Required drive torque 1 Nm 1 Nm 1,3 Nm 3,2 Nm

* In combination with LogicData control box Compact-3

Application bevel gear unit with spindle unit

Universal lifting unit with bevel gear head for linear drive solutions. 
Possible applications are height-adjustable tables, various adjustment functions for furniture items as well as any kind of linear adjustment in the residential, mobile home or industrial sector. A simple screw mounting and a continuous hexagon enable a simple system design and uncomplicated assembly.

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