Crank handles hex 7mm

Handkurbeln mit SW7: Modern, präzise, glasfaserverstärkt. Wählbar nach Achsenlänge, Ausladung, Einstecktiefe.


Axial length
Depth of insertion
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Product number: 5180.00-0007
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Product information "Crank handles hex 7mm"

hexagon 7mm l 4 versions to choose from l Shaft length 62 - 129.5 mm l Glass-fibre reinforced plastic l Projection 65 - 110mm l Insertion depth 12 - 100mm

Features hand crank 6kt SW7

Our hand cranks with a 6kt SW7 attachment have a modern design and are suitable for easy and precise adjustment. The crank handle and crank body are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. In addition, the cranks can be selected in different variants depending on their axle length, throat depth and insertion depth.

Matching to this crank handle you can also get profile tubes, bevel gearboxes and worm gearboxes in our store.  

Technical data hand crank 6kt SW7

Item number 5133.00-00 5180.00-0007 5190.00-0001 5190.00-0012
Execution 6kant SW7 6kant SW7 6kant SW7 6kant SW7
Axis length 62mm 80mm 89,5mm 129,5
Outreach 90mm 110mm 65mm 65mm
Insertion depth 15m 12mm 60mm 100mm
Weight - 244g 98g 105g
Material crank handle/ crank throat glass fiber reinforced plastic glass fiber reinforced plastic glass fiber reinforced plastic glass fiber reinforced plastic
Hexagonal version Stainless steel Stainless steel hardened, bright galvanized galvanized
Color crank body & handle black black black black 

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