Spindle tube steel

Stahl-Spindelrohre SG 25x7 P3,5: Sondergewinde, mehrgängig, für hohe Traglasten. Robust, verschleißfest und langlebig.


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Product information "Spindle tube steel"
SG 25x7 P3,5 l right-hand thread l double thread l steel (ST 35) l length 1000mm l hollow spindle with inner profile Ø 15,7mm

Features Stem Tube SG 25x7 P3,5 Steel

Our spindle tubes SG 25x7 P3,5 have a diameter of 25mm. The thread of the hollow steel spindle (ST 35) is right-handed and is designated as a special thread (SG). This has a trapezoidal profile and meets requirements that are outside the standard. The spindle tubes are characterized by their multi-start threads for use under high loads and are available from stock for you with a length of 1 meter.

Our hollow spindles from Ketterer Antriebe go through a rolled manufacturing process. This process gives the spindle tubes their properties. In addition to higher wear, tensile and bending fatigue strength, the "rolling" process does not interrupt the material fiber. The result is a homogeneous material structure with a press-smooth surface. In addition, longevity, a high surface quality and lower friction are part of the characteristics of the trapezoidal threaded tubes. The ends of the hollow spindles are sawn and not deburred. 

To complete the drive system, the matching trapezoidal thread nuts are available in our online store. In addition to round nuts, flange nuts are available for you to choose from. 
Thread          SG 25x7 P3,5
Right-hand thread
inspired by DIN 380    
Length 1000mm 
Material Steel (ST 35)
Inner profile Ø 15,7mm (-0,5mm)
Matching nut    Round nut in POM
Flange nut in POM
Application Stem Tube SG 25x7 P3.5 Steel

The trapezoidal threaded tubes have a multi-start thread, which allows their use under heavy loads. The stability under robust load can be guaranteed despite slim and space-saving characteristics. The inner profile of the spindle tubes is unstable in its shape and can thus be used for sliding elements and bushings.

In addition to our hollow steel spindles, discover our range of aluminum spindle tubes with multi-tooth profile, as well as complementary nuts for a complete drive system. 

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