TR 10 Trapezoidal threaded spindle stainless steel

Edelstahl-Trapez- und Sondergewindespindeln (10mm, DIN 103) mit hoher Festigkeit und Langlebigkeit für individuelle Antriebslösungen.


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Product information "TR 10 Trapezoidal threaded spindle stainless steel"

TR 10 l 2 versions to choose from l right-hand thread l multi-start l stainless steel ( 1.4104 ) rolled l length 1000mm l DIN 103 l uninterrupted fibre course

Properties of trapezoidal threaded spindle TR 10 and SG 10 - stainless steel

In addition to our trapezoidal threaded spindles in steel, our variants in stainless steel meet further customer requirements. Like the steel variants, the threaded spindles in stainless steel have different thread designs. While the classic trapezoidal threads (TR) meet the requirements of DIN 103, the special threads are adapted to this and can meet requirements that go beyond the standard. Both the TR10 and SG10 threaded rods have a diameter of 10mm and are available in 1-meter lengths. Both versions are right-hand threaded and have the following key data:

-TR 10x6 P3 (thread pitch 6mm P3 l double thread - right hand thread).

-SG 10x10 P2 (thread pitch 10mm P2 l five-start - right-hand thread)

All of our trapezoidal lead screws go through a rolled manufacturing process. The process gives the spindles an uninterrupted grain, making them a homogeneous material structure. The high strength, durability and high surface quality are just a few of the many qualitative properties of our threaded rods. You would like to complete the spindle with the matching trapezoidal thread nut? Then choose between different materials and shapes your nut for the optimal drive solution. 

13012.14-V02L1000 13900.14-V02L1000
Thread TR 10x6 P3
Right-hand thread
SG 10x10 P2
Right-hand thread
Material Stainless steel(1.4021)    Stainless steel (1.4021)   
Length 1000mm 1000mm
Matching nut Round nut in POM / brass
Flange nut in POM / brass 
Round nut in POM 
Flange nut in POM

Application Trapezoidal Screw TR 10 and SG 10 - Stainless Steel

The trapezoidal lead screws are used for the transmission of high axial forces and wherever the conversion of a rotary motion into a linear one is required. Other specific areas of application include mechanical engineering, use as a drive and positioning unit, in fastening and clamping applications or within positioning and travel ranges.

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