Bevel gear with spindle unit 3010 | 3011

Bevel gearbox with spindle unit 3010/3011: Clockwise/anticlockwise rotation, choice of stroke/installation dimension, maintenance-free, 1.3:1 ratio.


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Product information "Bevel gear with spindle unit 3010 | 3011"

Universally applicable lifting unit with bevel gear head for linear drive solutions.
Possible applications are height adjustable tables, various adjustment functions for furniture items as well as all manner of linear adjustment in residential and office fields. Simple screw fastenings enable a simple system structure and an uncomplicated assembly.

Special features

  • Maintenance-free
  • Ratio in direction of spindle 1.3:1
  • Drive torque on gear head for application with several spindle units: max. 3 Nm
  • Housing made of glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Hardened steel bevel wheels with robust, reinforced toothing
  • Designed for the manual operation
  • Variable number of bevel gears for deflection of movement and freely selectable drive position

Variant key

3010: variants with right rotating spindles
3011: variants with left rotating spindles

Technical notes

  • The lifting units must be protected against lateral forces by a separate guide system.
  • Attention: The spindle systems with a spindle pitch > 3mm may not be self-locking. Check the self-locking effect in the application.
  • The lifting unit is only pressure loadable.
  • If several lifting units are being used simultaneously in the application, note the max. drive torque on gear head of 3 Nm!
  • Incorrect dimensioning of the guide system can damage the lifting unit: Please note the design and safety instructions for spindle drives. You will find them at:



Ratio in direction of spindle 1,3:1 1,3:1
Ratio in direction of deflection 1:1 1:1
Input hex 6mm hex 6mm
Number of bevel wheels 3 3
Type of spindle TR14x3 RH TR14x3 LH
Travel path 2,3 mm/rotation 2,3 mm/rotation
Max. stroke retracted length -99 mm retracted length -99 mm
Max. lifting force 1200 N 1200 N
Required drive torque 1,7 Nm 1,7 Nm
Max. drive torque gear head for several spindle units* 3 Nm 3 Nm 
*See technical notes

Application bevel gearbox unit with spindle unit

Universal lifting unit with bevel gear head for linear drive solutions. 
Possible applications are height-adjustable tables, various adjustment functions for furniture items as well as any kind of linear adjustment in living and office areas. Simple screw fastenings allow easy system assembly and uncomplicated installation.

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