Ket-Lift4Bike manual with Park-Tool clamp

Mechanical bicycle repair stand suitable for all bicycles up to 50kg. Allows for individual ergonomic work through continuous height adjustment. Designed for use in professional and hobby workshops, service facilities, or bike rental stations.


Available in 10 days, delivery time 1-3 days

Product number: 4008.00-4004
Weight: 75 kg
Product information "Ket-Lift4Bike manual with Park-Tool clamp"

with base plate 60x60cm | incl. flange

Electric bicycle mounting stand KET-LIFT4BIKE including mounting clamp "Park-Tool" and flange.                                                      other variants                             

Electric bicycle assembly stand KET-LIFT4BIKE - Developed, designed and built in Germany for professional use in bicycle workshops, service facilities and bicycle rental stations as well as in hobby workshops.


• Designed and produced in southern Germany
• Suitable for all bicycles (especially for e-bikes)
• Mobile use possible
• Individual, ergonomic work via infinitely variable height adjustment
• High stability
• Steel lifting column
• Individually adaptable to customer requirements
• Maintenance-free
• Proven drive system for over 40 years

Load 50 kg in continuous operation
Speed 2,2mm/U
Total height ca. 1.840 mm
Total stroke 1.462 mm
Position of the bicycle clamp 436 to 1.898 mm
Fixing clamp Park-Tool

Warranty 2 years

Park-Tool fixing clamp

 Designed for tubes from 23 to 76 mm diameter
 Infinitely adjustable through 360
 Fully adjustable clamping pressure
 Narrow jaws for secure clamping in hard-to-reach areas

The Ketterer Ket-Lift4Bike bicycle stand is an electrically adjustable assembly stand for bicycles up to 50 kg.

Designed and built in Germany for professional daily use in bicycle workshops, service facilities and bicycle rental stations.

Therefore also ideal for hobby use, for all those who regularly maintain their bikes at home and do not want to do without the comfort and ergonomics of a professional set-up in your workshop, garage or elsewhere. For all those who also do their own work on their e-bike. No matter whether the brakes need to be bled higher up or the sprocket on the motor needs to be changed in the tilted position, with the Ket-Lift4Bike you always mount at the ergonomically correct height and get there quickly at the touch of a button.

The 40 kg large base plate provides support for every use, is flat and therefore not a tripping hazard. The bike stand with base plate can easily be moved to any other location. For this purpose, we have equipped it with sturdy castors and 2 grab handles. If you prefer a fixed location, simply order the bike stand without a base plate. The bike stand is then fixed directly into your foundation with the anchor bolts supplied.

A gallows for hanging tools and a storage table for laptop are available as accessories.

For more information and a comprehensive FAQ list about our bike assembly stand, please visit the KET-LIFT4BIKE website.

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