Motor drive for through-spindle 4778

24V DC Motor mit Schneckengetriebe für Schub/Zug, nichtdrehende Spindel - sichere Ansteuerung mit Hall-Sensorik.


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Product number: 4778.00-0002
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Product information "Motor drive for through-spindle 4778"

Idle speed 270 rpm l Traversing speed 12-45 mm/s l For push and pull movements l Powerful 24 V DC motor with worm gear unit

Features Motor drive for through-spindle 4778

Powerful 24 V DC motor with worm gear, designed for non-rotating through-spindle for push and pull movements.

A cable with AMP connector and integrated Hall sensors allow simple and safe control of the entire system.

Special features
  • Two integrated Hall sensors for detecting rotations and the direction of rotation
  • Various types of internal thread for continuous spindle
  • Good self-locking properties
  • Fast and powerful
  • Spindle must be ordered separately

Series 4778.00-0002 4778.00-0004 4778.00-0006
Drive motor DC Motor 24 V  DC Motor 24 V  DC Motor 24 V 
Sensor / supply Hall/5 V DC/0,3 A Hall/5 V DC/0,3 A Hall/5 V DC/0,3 A
Protection class IP30 IP30 IP30
Operating temperature 0° bis +30° 0° bis +30° 0° bis +30°
Electric current (IN) at max. load  8 A 8 A 8 A
Idle running speed 270 U/min 270 U/min 270 U/min
Duty cycle idle speed 20% (bei 5 Min.) 20% (bei 5 Min.) 20% (bei 5 Min.)
Duty cycle at max. load 10 s ON 240 s OFF 13 s ON 240 s OFF 8 s ON 240 s OFF
Max. lifting force* 1900 N 3700 N 950 N

Traverse speed (constant from F= 0 bis Fmax.)**

24mm / s 12 mm / s 45 mm / s
Static Self locking *** 200 kg 380 kg 200 kg
Output (Inner thread) SG16x8P4 RH Tr16x4 RH SG14x16P4 RH
* Determined for service life of 10,000 double strokes
** The controller regulates the system in such a way that the travel speed in the entire drive working range is kept as constant as possible
*** In combination with controller, which has a short circuit brake

Technical information

  • The spindle is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately
  • Attention: It is essential to observe the correct installation position (see installation example).
  • The drive must be protected against the effects of lateral forces by a separate guide system.
  • The operating range of the drive (rated torque) is determined for a service life of 10,000 double strokes.
  • The holding torque of the drive can be increased by using a control unit with a short-circuit brake.

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