TR 14 round nuts with trapezoidal thread POM

Trapezoidal threaded nut SG 14x16 P4 (14mm) with multi-start right-hand thread. Adapted to standard 380, high-quality POM, precise and durable.


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Product information "TR 14 round nuts with trapezoidal thread POM"

SG 14x16 P4 l right-hand thread l four-start l outside diameter 26mm l length 24mm l POM l based on DIN 380

Properties round nuts with trapezoidal thread SG 14 POM

The trapezoidal thread nut with a nominal dimension of the thread of 14mm is provided with a right-hand thread. The thread is multi-start and is characterized as a movement thread:

- SG 14x16 P4 (thread pitch 16mm P4 l four-start - right-hand thread).

The round nut with trapezoidal thread SG 14x16 P4 is a special thread. This is based on the standard 380 and is marked SG. Despite the specification, our nuts can be combined with the matching trapezoidal thread spindle. These are available with the same thread designs in steel and stainless steel.

The lead screw nut is manufactured from POM (plastic) within a machining manufacturing process. The POM gives the nut high heat resistance and dimensional stability. It also gives it good sliding and wear properties. In addition, the machining manufacturing process allows the excess material to be removed in the form of chips. The process enables high accuracy and gives the finished acme screw nut a high surface quality.

Thread           SG 14x16 P4
Right-hand thread
DIN 380    
Dimensions Outer diameter d1: 26mm      
Length a: 24mm
Chamfer outside f1/f2: 1x45°
Tolerance field: 7H
Material POM   
Matching spindle   Trapezoidal screw spindles in steel and stainless steel

Application Round nut with trapezoidal thread SG 14 POM

Our round nuts in combination with our trapezoidal threaded spindles form a unit for use as a drive system. The counterpart to our trapezoidal thread nut is available in steel and stainless steel in our product range. By matching the dimensions, running noise can be reduced in the application and smooth running can be guaranteed. In addition, the drive system offers the possibility to transmit large axial forces and to convert rotary movements into linear ones.

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