Worm gear l 1:1 l 1 Nm l 50 rpm

Das Schneckengetriebe bzw. Umlenkgetriebe ist ein Kleingetriebe für verschiedenste Anwendungen z.B. im Modellbau, Sondermaschinenbau oder Hobbybereich.


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Product information "Worm gear l 1:1 l 1 Nm l 50 rpm"
 Universally applicable and maintenance-free worm gearbox with an axial distance of 14 mm and several different transmission ratios. The drive is located on the wide side of the gearbox. The worm wheel assembly is right-handed. The rotational direction on the shaft is arbitrary. The gearbox is characterized by a compact design with maximum torque, sturdiness and smooth power transmission. A flexible screw fixing enables a simple mounting.

Special features 

  • Maintenance-free grease lubrication
  • Case hardened worm and cog wheel
  • Housing made of zinc die-casting
  • Axial distance 14 mm
  • Input / Output hex 6mm
  • Size 42 x 35 x 17 mm
  • 6 ratios as standard
Speed range till:50 rpm
max. torque:1 Nm
Ratio:1 : 1
Input/Output:hex 6mm
Length of input:2 x 13 mm
Length of output:25 mm
Dimensions:42 x 35 x 17 mm
Weight:100 g
On/Off duration:20% (at 5 Min.)
Allowable operating temperature:0°C to 40°C
Housing:Zinc die-casting
Special features:Case hardened worm and cog wheel

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