Worm gear reducer Ket-Motion 2020 for spindle TR14x2 with one drive pin

Universally applicable worm gearbox with a centre distance of 20mm. The worm and worm wheel are made of case-hardened steel.


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Product number: 2020.00-S0G0R65
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Product information "Worm gear reducer Ket-Motion 2020 for spindle TR14x2 with one drive pin"

Features Worm gear box with keyway and one drive journal 65:1 - 5:1

Universally applicable and maintenance-free worm gearbox with an axial distance of 20 mm and seven different transmission ratios. The housing is encapsulated to prevent the escape of grease and the ingress of dust. The worm wheel assembly is left-handed. The direction of rotation on the shaft is arbitrary. 

Lifetime of 1000 hours with:
  • full load and 
  • input speed of 500 rpm and 
  • duty cycle 20% with 5 min and
  • ambient temperature 20 C°

On/Off duration: 20 % at 5Min ( 1 min ON, 4 min OFF)
Permitted operating temperature: -20 to 60 C°
Axial distance: 20 mm
Input and Output:
Drive: 12mm / 4mm key
Output: for spindle TR14x2
Nr. 13713.14-V00L1000
Permitted forces output side (axial and radial): 500 N
Backlash on the drive shaft: 1° +/- 0,5°
Type: case hardened worm and cog wheel
maintenance-free grease lubrication
Housing: Aluminium, anodized
External dimension: 60 x 60 x 35 mm

Technical specifications worm gear box 4,5 Nm - 11 Nm

Item number ratio i Self-locking 
Output- speed range n in rpm Max. output torque M in Nm Peak torque output* Max. drive torque M in Nm Input side Degree of efficiency in %
Radial force 
 FR in N
Axial force 
2) FA in N
2020.00-S0G0R65 65 : 1 ja 100/500/1000 4,5/3,8/3,0 15 Nm 0,2/0,2/0,2 500 500 29
2020.00-S0G0R18 18 : 1 ja 100/500/1000 11,0/9,0/7,0 60 Nm 1,1/0,9/0,7 250 250 55
2020.00-S0G0R05 5 : 1 nein 100/500/1000 10,0/8,0/6,0 50 Nm 2,9/2,3/1,7 200 200 70

* Short-term peak load <1s Axial load on the output side 500 Nm 

Application worm gear box 65: 1 - 1: 1

Worm wheels transmit the motive force at right angles via a sliding effect. The gearboxes are characterized by their low-noise operation and robustness. The worm gears can be used for high power transmissions in tight spaces.   
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