Backlash-free worm gearbox with rotary plate and two drive pin 65:1

Universell einsetzbares Schneckengetriebe Ket Motion mit einem Achsabstand von 20mm. Die Schnecke ist aus einsatzgehärtetem Stahl. Jetzt wartungsfreies Schneckengetriebe der Low Cost Automation bei Ketterer Antriebe bestellen.


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Product number: 2020.00-D0DS65
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Product information "Backlash-free worm gearbox with rotary plate and two drive pin 65:1"

Reduction ratios 65:1 l Housing anodised aluminium l With turntable l Axle spacing 20mm l Maintenance-free grease lubrication l Backlash-free

Backlash-free worm gearbox Ket-Motion with rotary plate and two drive journal 65:1 Centre distance 20mm 1 Nm

Universal and maintenance-free worm gearbox in one size with a centre distance of 20 mm. The housing is encapsulated against grease leakage and dust exposure. The worm gear set is left-handed. The direction of rotation on the shaft is arbitrary.

Lifetime of 1,000 hours at:

  • full load and
  • Input speed of 100 rpm and 
  • Duty cycle 10% at 5 min and
  • Ambient temperature 20 C°
  • Axial load on drive side max. 600N
  • Axial load on output side max. 1500N
Duty cycle: 10 % to 5 Min ( 30 sec ON, 4,5 min OFF)
Operating temperature: -20 to 60 C°
Output torque max 1Nm
Self-locking yes
Centre distance 20 mm
Drive and downforce: Drive : 12mm / 4mm key
Output : Rotary plate 44mm
Perm. forces output side(axial and radial) 500 N
Reverse play

<0,05° to 0,1Nm

<0,5° to 1 Nm

Execution: Maintenance-free Grease lubrication
free of play
Housing: Housing made of anodised aluminium
External dimensions: 60 x 60 x 35 mm
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Application worm gearbox 65:1

Worm gearsbox transmit the motive force at right angles via a sliding effect. The gearboxes are characterised by their low-noise operation and robustness. The worm gearboxes can be used for high power transmission in confined spaces.


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