Flanged nut with trapezoidal thread SG 20 POM

SG 20 flange nuts with 6-hole fixing. POM material for heat resistance and precision. DIN 103 compliant.


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Attachment of flange
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Product information "Flanged nut with trapezoidal thread SG 20 POM"

Properties flange nut with trapezoidal thread SG 20 POM

The flange nuts are special nuts that have a washer on their bottom side. This washer increases the bearing surface of the nut. This makes it possible to fasten the nut even to soft materials made of metal or plastic without damaging them. Our threaded nuts are fixed by means of predetermined holes. Due to the 6-hole fixation of our SG 20 nuts, the component is secured against slipping. The flange nuts with trapezoidal thread have special threads (SG). These are based on DIN 103 and meet requirements outside the standard. 

- SG 20x10 P2 (thread pitch 10mm l five-start - right-hand thread)

The trapezoidal thread nuts with flange are made of POM (plastic). This material withstands even robust applications due to its high heat resistance. The flange nuts are manufactured using a metal-cutting production process. In this process, excess material is removed in the form of chips. The nut shines with high dimensional accuracy and a high surface quality.

Application Flanged nut with trapezoidal thread SG 20 POM
The flanged nut increases its bearing surface by means of a washer. This allows it to be fastened to soft materials made of metal and plastic without leaving any damage or losing its hold after a short time. This is additionally supported by securing via the fastening holes. These properties are particularly helpful where a secure hold is required, such as on adapter plates, detent bolts or exhaust mounts. In addition, the flange nuts can also be optimally combined with our spindle tubes. The unit offers a smooth-running drive solution for use in even noise-sensitive areas. 

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