TR 20 round nuts with trapezoidal thread POM

High-quality trapezoidal thread nuts (25 mm) made of POM, multi-start thread, ideal for steel and aluminium spindle tubes, special thread (SG), precision-manufactured.


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Product information "TR 20 round nuts with trapezoidal thread POM"

SG 20x10 P2 l right-hand thread l five-start l outer diameter 36mm l length 32mm l POM l based on DIN 380

Properties Round nut with trapezoidal thread SG 20 POM

Our trapezoidal leadscrew nuts have a right-hand motion thread. This is multi-start and is suitable for combination with our steel or aluminum spindle tubes. The spindle nut with trapezoidal thread is made of POM (plastic). This gives the round nut good sliding and wear properties. In addition, high heat resistance and dimensional stability can be counted among its properties. With a nominal thread size of 25mm, two different thread designs can be selected: 

  • SG 20x10 P2 (Thread pitch 10mm P2 l five-start - right-hand thread)
The trapezoidal threads of the round nuts are listed as special threads (SG). These are based on standard 380 and meet requirements outside the standard. The trapezoidal thread nut made of POM is produced by machining. Excess material is removed mechanically in the form of chips. This allows high demands on accuracy and surface quality to be met. 
Thread              SG 20x10 P2      
right-hand thread
five-start based on DIN 380
Dimensions Outer diameter d1: 36mm      
Length a: 32mm
chamfer outside f1/f2: 1x45°.
Tolerance field: 7H
Material POM   
Matching spindle   Spindle tube in aluminum

Application Round nut with trapezoidal thread SG 20 POM

The trapezoidal lead screw nut forms a drive solution in combination with our trapezoidal lead screws. This unit is used for the transmission of large axial forces and the conversion of rotating movements into linear ones. The system of spindle and nut is self-locking and usually requires no additional locking when at rest. By matching the nuts to the spindles, running noise and smoothness can be optimized. This enables application even in noise-sensitive areas.

Ketterer Antriebe supplies trapezoidal lead screw nuts for all trapezoidal lead screw spindles from stock. In addition to our POM version, discover other round nuts in brass and round nuts in PA6-GF30 as well as our selection in different shapes:
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For further information on round nuts with trapezoidal thread, please refer to the downloads listed below.

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